Hair products have become increasingly difficult choose from due to the various wide range of choices out there. Styling aides will add that perfect touch to the look you are trying to achieve. With so many hair products targeting men nowadays it’s okay that you feel confused and down right clueless. Here’s our quick guide to choosing the right product for your hair and to achieve the look you want.

Men’s Hair Products

CREAM – Has the lightest consistency and would be great for someone with finer hair type. This product tends to not have too much hold, and will be perfect for someone who doesn’t like a “sticky” feel in their hair. May also be used for curly/frizzy hair to tame curls and flyaways.

Men’s Hair Products

PASTE – tends to be a matte finish and will give hair a moderate to strong hold without the greasy look. This product is also great to use to control fly-aways on longer hair.

POMADE – Helps define and separate hair with flexible control. Pomade can be on the more oily side of the spectrum along with wax product to provide more shine.

WAX – Is heavy and can be hard to wash out. It offers more hold and is suitable to hair with coarse and thick texture in nature. This product is great for creating moldable textures.

GEL – Is the heaviest of all products and is strongly advised against using on fine hair. Being so heavy, it provides the most hold that dries hard. This product is popular to create a slick look we see in history.

With all styling aides for hair, it’s best to play with the consistency of the product first. Many times, product companies use words interchangeably for marketing purposes. A general rule for usage is to apply sparingly, keeping in mind that you can always add more. You might have to try a few products to find the one you like best for your hair. With a good haircut, play with pushing your hair in different directions and different styling techniques like twisting, pinching, separating hair to create various looks. Feel free to ask your hairstylist to give you styling ideas to best maximize your cut.