As one of the best hair extension salons in SoHo, The Drawing Room New York specializes in applications including Keratin-Bonding Hair Extensions offered by one of the best hair-extensions brands on the market, Great Lengths, and Tape-in Hair Extensions offered by top of the line Invisi-Tab, with the highest quality virgin European hair on the market.


Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the top rated hair extensions on the market today. They source the very best human hair from Indian Hindu Temples. The hair has been donated willingly by villagers to the temple as an act of devotion to their faith. The revenue generated by Temple Hair is used for the funding of schools, health clinics and other community services.


The Best Hair Extension Consultation Starts Here

At The Drawing Room New York Salon we have mastered the art of 100% Human Hair Extensions in order to create the most seamless and flawless results for each client.
Great Lengths Hair applications are custom to each individual client. A consultation is essential in order to answer your questions, discuss your desired look, and provide you accurate pricing information. We will be glad to see you at our SoHo location for a complimentary consultation.

Dye-Free Hair Color

For clients that are looking for an alternative to hair coloring, dye free hair extensions can transform your look without the use of any chemical treatments. Do you want the Ombre Hair Color technique, but are afraid to use bleach on your hair? Then Great Lengths Hair Extensions or Invisa-Tab Tape-in Hair Extensions are your choice.

We pride ourselves as the best hair extension salon in NYC, creating extension applications for fashion shows such as Prada and Versace.

Keratin Bond

In 1992, Great Lengths International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer. Because of this ground-breaking technology, many hair extension companies now claim a “keratin bond” as their form of attachment. Any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a “keratin bond,” regardless if it makes any functional difference in the bond itself. Unfortunately “keratin bond” has become more a marketing term than a functional benefit. The Great Lengths Synthesized Keratin Bond molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair.
The result gives the Great Lengths Hair bond functionality that is not available in any other hair bonding compound on the market. The Great Lengths Hair bond has the ability to expand and contract mimicking the human hair it’s bonded to. For example, when hair gets wet, the hair shaft expands. When it dries, it contracts. Bonds that do not possess such functionality will soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the client’s natural hair completely because the bond is being stretched with no capacity to contract each time the client’s natural hair expands and contracts. This is a Great Lengths Hair Extensions exclusive feature.

100% human Remy’s hair extensions offered in different textures: straight, curly or wavy with nearly 100 different colors and tonalities.

The Color

The only process performed on Great Lengths Hair Extensions is a colorization process. Great Lengths Hair Extensions do not use any toxic chemicals (i.e. ammonia and/or bleach derivatives) in the de-pigmentation and pigmentation process of our hair extensions. The result is colorfast hair that has not been subjected to damaging ammonia and/or bleach chemicals to remove the hair’s original color. Great Lengths Hair Extensions offer a wide range of hair colors. From beautiful blondes, rich reds and glossy brunettes; to pretty pastels, eye catching jewel tones and gorgeous balayage the extensive Great Lengths color range offers something for everyone. More than 50 tonalities of natural colors, tones colors, crazy colored strands with ranges that go from light to dark.


A Great Lengths application is more than the high quality hair resulting from patented production processes. It’s about the details of the sectioning and placement patterns, attachment sizes and bond formations. It’s about color placement and color blending. It’s about bringing it all together with a correctly executed cut-in. Stylists at The Drawing Room New York have successfully completed the Great Lengths Certification training. The most comprehensive extension application training in the professional industry.

Great Length Extensions FAQ’s

Great Lengths Service cost can vary greatly from client to client because each is truly a custom service. There are also many GL application options to be considered, such as lengthening, full volumizing, zonal volumizing, dimensional color work or special needs applications. For the most accurate answer, based upon the state of your natural hair and desired result, book a complimentary consultation with the best hair extension specialists in NYC at The Drawing Room.

In 1992, Great Lengths International created and patented the “Synthesized Keratin Protein Polymer” bond for the application of hair extensions. In short, the GLI bond’s molecular structure mimics that of human hair so that it possesses the same characteristics of human hair.
When applied and maintained properly, the application will not damage your hair. The high skill level of specialists is crucial for a damage free application and this is why Great Lengths Certified Stylists are the most highly trained in the industry. Great Lengths USA has the strictest requirements for certification in the industry.

The key to a successful, damage free application lies in the details of the application. There is no “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all” application technique, as each client has different hair conditions and desired results that must be considered. This is one of the reasons that Great Lengths Hair Extensions year after year, receives such honors as “Stylist Choice Award” and “Professionals Choice Award” from the beauty industry’s leading trade media, such as American Salon Magazine and Behind the Chair.

For Premium Bonded Extensions, we recommend removal every 3 to 5 months, depending upon the type of application performed (i.e. lengthening, volumizing, etc.). However, removal timeframes are dependent upon the state/condition of the client’s natural hair and their lifestyle.
Absolutely! The bonds are made of keratin with a structure very similar to hair’s structure and therefore it doesn’t melt in water. It is very solid and extremely safe.
You may have extensions applied even if you do water sports. You should wash your hair afterwards to remove chloride.
Great Lengths Hair Extensions are not for sale to individuals, only certified salons may order and apply the bonds.
Quality extensions not only depend on the quality of the strands but also on the expertise of the hairstylist.
The Drawing Room New York Salon voted as one of The Best Hair Extensions Salon NYC provides services such as Tape-in Extensions application, Keratin- Bond Extensions application with only Great Lengths Certified Specialists that went through the most intensive and effective training which has been recognized as the best in the industry. We have one of the best hair extensions specialists in NYC.


As one of The Best Tape-In Hair Extension Salons in NYC we offer only The Highest Quality Hair on the market, period. Uncompromised quality with undeniable beauty, which is why Invisi-Tab was named New York Magazine’s “Best Hair Extensions”. What makes INVISI-TAB virgin European hair the best in the world? It’s naturally beautiful unprocessed hair, so it will stay soft wash after wash. And unlike most other commonly used hair extensions, INVISI-TAB Hair Extensions are completely customizable, so we can color your tape-in extensions like your own hair, we can highlight tape-in extensions and balayage tape-in extensions.

What are the different types of extensions?

Micro link/Micro bead/Micro-ring/Loop Hair Extensions

This type of hair extension is applied by looping the single-strand micro-bead extensions through your own hair and clamping down with a pair of pliers and a metal bead to finish. So pretty much, your entire head is covered in these little beads.

Tape in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extension tabs are 1 ½” wide and have a keratin bond with surgical adhesive. They’re comfortable, lightweight, won’t damage hair, and are easily applied without extra tools, beads, or chemicals. A full head application can be done in less than 30 minutes

Clip-in Hair Extensions

These are the fastest and easiest type of hair extensions which you can apply all by yourself without having to go to a professional. Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary method of hair extensions, which means you can clip them in and out whenever you want. You need to take off your clip-in hair extensions when you shower, sleep, or swim, however, clipping them in takes only about 5 minutes. Always choose Real Remy human hair extensions as you will be able to heat style and wash them just like your own hair

Sewn-in/Weave Hair Extensions

Sewn-in hair extensions are only a good fit for those who have super thick, coarse, or naturally super curly hair. Your own hair is braided tightly into corn rows throughout your entire head, and the extensions are then attached using a needle and a thread. A pro about these hair extensions is that they work super well for girls who have tons of hair that is thick and a coarse, however, a con is that the tight braids seriously strain your scalp, therefore they are not advisable for those who have thin hair. Also consider hygienic reasons – it may be difficult to wash off the sweat and dirt in the scalp because the entire scalp is covered in cornrows. You need to go to a professional for the application of sewn-in hair extensions as well as
consistently visit the salon (even six weeks or so) to ensure that the extensions are still sewn in correctly into place and if the braids need to be tightened up again.