New York Fashion Week

This Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Week, The Drawing Room NY joined forces with Salerm Cosmetics for work on designers’ Toni Francesc women’s collection. It was an inspiring and collaborative night working with many creative individuals in the fashion and beauty industry.

For the hair, Toni Francesc’s collection was driven by the color schemes of the, “rising Phoenix.” His desires to see the hair disheveled, untamed, and yet still feminine gave way to various approaches upon creating the look. In a true collaborative manner we, at the Drawing Room NY, designed an over-all disheveled knot to the hair combined with a strong structured shape. We wanted the hair to flow and move as the model walk creating an airy and delicate look to compliment the clothing.

For the opening look, Toni wanted something completely differently from the rest. He wanted to portray the essence of fire, so we incorporated soft flowing curls with her already red-toned hair. That same model was later reverted to the main look for the remainder of the look.

The evening went by smoothly and we all were happy with our work for the night. The experience for us was truly amazing; simply because we got to work with such a creative designer like Toni Francesc and to be involved in his creative process. You can view the backstage video of our team working below. новейшие игровые автоматы играть бесплатно без регистрации