Mad Men It’s amazing, with the right haircut, how a little product can change your look drastically from day to night. Take Don Draper from Mad Men as an example. On the show, Don Draper’s hair is styled very neatly with a part to portray not only the look of that era but a clean and professional one too. Off set actor Jon Hamm wears his hair very differently. Away from the show the style is worn more relaxed, loose and fun. Two looks with the same haircut.

Mad Men

You don’t have to be an actor to change your look to match your alter ego. Something that is suitable for the office may not be suitable for an evening out with the guys and vice versa. For work, utilize a moldable paste with a little shine to comb your hair back or parted on one side for a cleaner more professional look. Relaxing your hair after work can easily be achieved by playing up the hair to bring out the texture and fun of it all.

Let us not fail to mention the importance of talking about the possibilities of different hairstyles within a haircut with your hairdresser. As a stylist, knowing all the desired possibilities of a look is key to providing the best professional and fun “mad men” look.