The number one concern that our clients often express to us is in regards to the health of their hair. The health of your hair is a legitimate concern.  Healthy hair that looks and feels great is something we all strive for.  Helping to prolong the haircut you recently invested in will not hurt you either.  So really, what is healthy hair and what are some things that damage our locks?

Healthy hair should have natural shine.  We say “natural” because overly shiny hair is not natural. Natural shine comes from our sebaceous glands, much like the pores and oils on our face, that protect our hair from environmental exposure.  Frizz is an indication that our hair lacks moisture.  This may be unavoidable without the use of products for certain types of hair such as curly or ethnic.

A lot of factors can damage our hair.  Here are a few factors commonly overlooked: tying hair in a ponytail stretches the elasticity of the hair and just like a rubber band, the elasticity may not come back. Dirt and pollution from the environment can cling to hair absorbing oil from hair and creating residues. Residues and buildup on hair inhibits the hair from holding a great style as well as showing off it’s natural glow.  Overexposure to sunlight bleaches hair, removing color pigments and in return making hair weak.  Winter can be overly harsh to hair, drying it out.

So what is one  to do when it seems impossible to keep hair from being damaged?  A few simple actions and a little change in routine could easily remedy this.  Loosen the ponytails – be sure to use elastic rather than rubber if you tend to pull your hair back, and go easy on the tension.  Protect and shield – use a heat protectant product in hair when heat styling or a leave-in conditioner that will aid in blocking pollution.  Trim and sculpt – get regular haircuts advised by your hair professionals.  A repairing or moisturizing hair mask once a while doing another activity (watching TV, doing chores, eating, reading, etc.) would help.  Healthy hair is an important factor of your every day wellness, and though it may be difficult to obtain it is very achievable. So join us and say, “Hello, healthy hair!”

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