First, let’s start by agreeing to boycott any hairstylists/colorists who call it “hombre” for the obvious reason.  This technique originates from the French word, “Ombre.”  While boycotting the ones who deserve it, do not boycott the specialists altogether. You might end up achieving a black-white effect which works wonders for your wardrobe but not quite for your mane.

Ombre color-highlights was initially designed to duplicate the California surfer girl natural hair color and texture which consists of naturally lightened mid-shafts and ends from natural causes, such as UV-rays, chlorinated pool water, etc.  A perfect ombre hair color consists of gradually painting within three levels, between a softly darker root area and a lighter mid-shaft and ends (as shown in the pictures below).

Hilary Duff
Mila Kunis

This rule will help prevent the outcome from being a not so elegant black-white effect (example below).

Drew Barrymore

The style-texture is equally important as the color.  Strategically, selected sections should be curled by using a curling iron and then loosen to create done-undone beachy waves.  This will prevent the look of a demarcation line if a bad service was performed.


**Images from Google**