Rapunzel, Rapunzel, please braid your long hair!

We’ve been seeing a lot of braids and sleek ponytails on and off the runway. These looks are not only convenient and easy to do, but also they’re great for the warmer weather. Pulling hair close to the scalp and/or braiding, condenses the hair to keep us cool. Having long hair traps air creating a warm blanket that could be very uncomfortable, not to mention frizzy. We all know having long hair is a lot of maintenance and with the right cut, it could frame our face in very flattering ways. But having hair away from the face can also bring attention and highlight to beautiful features on the face.

Braid 1

An fashionable way to wear a braid is to braid all your hair into one braid and after tying the end, you could wrap the braid and start pinning it into a bun. The same thing can be done with a ponytail, or can be left out for playful movement. Definitely mix and match these techniques for further variations. Make sure to go easy on the tension of the ponytail or braids to help preserve the elasticity of the hair. As a way to polish the look, a little hairspray and shine spray can be use to clean fizz and baby hairs around the hairline. We would love to see your creative play and could help to provide some more useful tips, so leave a comment/post below!

Braid bun