How Big Would You Go With Your Hairstyle???

Volume, you either have it or you don’t. And, unfortunately, the majority of people don’t have natural volume in their hair.

We are always looking for the easiest way to achieve our favorite look. Especially in New York, where time is scarce and hair maintenance is the last thing on your mind, volume is hard to maintain.  So what is the secret to having volume and making it last? The art of teasing. Teased hair does not have to be as dramatic as the 80’s.  There are new ways to add volume. Teasing is making a comeback as the new “Fall 2011 Trend.”

All it takes is a minute to add a little “oomph” to your hairstyle: tease, brush, and hairspray.  This simple technique can make any hairstyle look creative, modern, and fashionable. Tease at the apex (top of the head), the ends, or the front of the head.  Add it to a braid, bun, curls, waves, up-do, or hair worn all down and you’re ready for your day.

Tease a little to create a natural look.


Tease a little more for a night-out look.

Tease a lot for a dramatic statement.

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