We see little girls with different types of hair accessories everyday and no matter how extreme or mismatched it is they can still pull it off. As adults, we do not have the same luxury of wearing whatever we want. Colorful or sparkly, big or small, outrageous or simple…the list goes on. There are so many different types of accessories but how should you wear them? Well, thanks to the fashion moguls and the entertainment industry, we are finding new ways to create and wear hair accessories. The only problem is, they have someone telling them what to wear and how to wear it and we don’t. So we have gathered a few tips to make your “accessorizing” time easier.

The difficult part of wearing the right hair accessory isn’t the size or style of it, but where you place it on your head. Most people wear certain items of apparel depending on their mood. If you want to wear a large hairpiece, we encourage you to wear it but wear it right. If your hair is down, you can wear it on the side. This way your hair will help balance out the size of the hairpiece. If you have your hair in an up-do (whether at the nape of the neck or top of the head), place the hairpiece in a area where the head and up-do meets. This will allow you to emphasize the size of the hairpiece without it looking out of place on your head. The key to wearing a hairpiece is the create balance and harmony.



Another issue people face with hair accessories is finding one you like that isn’t expensive. The best kept secret in accessorizing your hair can be found in your jewelry box. If you feel like wearing a headband but find you don’t own one, grab a favorite necklace or a necklace you haven’t worn in a while. You can wear the necklace as a classic headband by wrapping it around the top of your head and securing the ends underneath with a bobby pin. Another chic and trendy way to wear it is to create a bohemian look by wrapping the necklace around your forehead and securing the ends with a bobby pin at the back of the head. You can wear the necklace-turn-headband with your hair down, with a ponytail, up-do, or braid. If you have a broach you really like, wear it in a different way by adding a bobby pin to the back and pinning it to your hair.


There are endless amount of choices for accessories and even more endless ways of wearing them. You can accessorize with something as simple as a bobby pin or clip and with something as extreme as a crystal hairpiece. Bow, Feather and floral hairpieces are always a fun option. And colored hair ties are a must for those messy buns and neat ponytails. Even a silk scarf can be used instead of a conventional headband or hair tie. Add a little color, texture or sparkle to your hair and we guarantee it will make you smile every time you catch your reflection. And remember, if you don’t know how to wear it, just ask.