Ever wonder how all celebrities have long, thick, amazingly enviable hair? How is it fair that movie stars are beautiful, rich, AND have perfect hair? Because, just like everything in Hollywood, looks can be deceiving. Sure, there are a few natural manes still out there (Julia Roberts, Crystal Gayle). However, the overwhelming majority of celebrities use hair extensions to give their hair that extra ‘something.’

So, what’s involved in getting your own Hollywood look? We, here at The Drawing Room New York, are glad you asked. We are now proudly offering Great Lengths extensions. Great Lengths are the highest quality extensions on the market. We use Cold Fusion tabs to bond the extensions to the hair. This system uses Ultra Sonic Waves to seal the bonds to your natural hair, and therefore avoids using any heat. There is no damage to the natural hair, and the results are flawless. Unlike these examples:

Great Lengths extensions are custom ordered to match your hair color  exactly. This includes highlighted hair, as well as fashion colors (pinks, blues, etc.). Great Lengths can also be ordered to match all hair textures. They are truly the most versatile extensions out there! And styling is a breeze because, with Great Lengths extensions, there are no limitations to the ways you can style your hair. Up, down, twisted, braided, you name it! Great Lengths blends seamlessly into your natural hair, which gives you all the same freedom your natural hair affords. And let’s not forget one of the most important features of Great Lengths: Volume! Extensions are not just for length anymore. Volumizing extensions are quickly becoming one of the hottest trends this year. Many women equate getting volumizing extensions with getting a facelift. The results can be just as dramatic and life-altering.
Here at the Drawing Room New York, we take great pride in the extension work we do. We require a thorough consultation before booking your appointment. At that time, our extension specialist will analyze your hair and discuss the extension process with you in-depth. Great Lengths extensions tend to last between 2-5 months, depending on hair texture and density. At-home maintenance includes brushing through the extension bonds at least twice a day, and blow drying the extensions thoroughly after showering.

So, what’s stopping you? Give us a call or head on down to Soho to get the full 411 on what Great Lengths extensions can do for you!

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