Gone are the days when men go to their local barber shops for a quick haircut. These days, it is becoming more and more common for a man to go to a more relaxed environment and pamper themselves in a more upscale salon setting. In recent years, men’s hair coloring has been on the rise! Men have always had a difficult time trying to express themselves through hair and fashion, as it has typically always been a woman’s thing. But things are changing and men are creating a buzz in the hair salon and fashion industries. I’m going to share with you the new trends that will be sure to make any woman swoon!

Men's Touch of Grey; "Camo" Style Hair Color

 We can all agree that getting older has its advantages and disadvantages. Ask anyone on the street and they will probably tell you that the worst part is the grey hair! It’s been a common misconception that covering grey hair is only for women. Men usually aren’t open to spending hours in the salon every 4 weeks to cover their grey hair, and not only that, they don’t want the look of artificial hair color. Luckily for them, salt and pepper hair is in now. Everyone loves a silver fox! So, the perfect solution is a Camo. What is a Camo? It is a 5-minute grey blending service that can be quickly and discreetly done after a haircut. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular requests here at The Drawing Room. A Camo simply blends the grey, rather than completely cover it. It is typically a neutral, translucent tone that helps to ease the harsh contrast of grey hair, but still keep your salt and pepper look! It’s natural and sexy.

Adam Lambert "Camo" look; Grey Hair

 On the opposite side of the spectrum, some men are beginning to color their hair grey on purpose! This trend has quickly been on the rise and has been seen on male celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert. This process however, will require much more time in the salon than the Camo, but is well worth the time for any guy who is eager to speed up the process of becoming a silver fox!

Written by: Senior Colorist Lisa
The Drawing Room NYC