Winter is in full swing! Out come the heavy jackets and down goes the sun at 5pm. Now, it’s time for your holiday hair appointment. You’ve come prepared with pictures of a deeper hue, thinking it’s winter, it’s dark out, and so your hair should be too. Well what if I were to tell you that was of thinking was a thing of the past? Times are changing, and so is the way we think about our “winter look.” Here are just a few trends we’re seeing for that start of 2017!

Patel Hair

    The future is looking bright! 2017 will be full of that fashion shades that we’ve been seeing for the past few seasons. This trend is going no where fast. We expect to still see a lot of the pastel shades we’ve all grown to love, but with a twist. For the new year think more mauve and dusty shades. Fashion colors with a muted hue will work well for any skin tone and will be sure to make a statement! 

    While pastels are certainly everywhere these days, it’s important to understand that these shades aren’t meant for every hair type. Darker, coarser hair,  must be lifted very high for these shades, and such a result isn’t always achievable. But not to worry! Dark hair beauty’s have been making statements by adding in deeper blues and purples. These tones compliment darker hair and certainly don’t require as many harsh processes. Another look to consider would be the “oil slick” color, in which, purples, blues, and greens are all artistically blended together, to create the the tones reflected in oil!
Oil Hair Paint 

When choosing your fashion shade, it is always best to meet with your colorist for a consultation before hand so they can properly asses your hair, and guide you to which look will be most suitable for your hair type. It’s also good to always keep proper maintenance in mind. Fashion shades are temporary and will not last as long as traditional hair dyes. To ensure you get the most out of your color, it is always suggested you do a Milbon Smoothing Treatment over the color. Think of this as your top coat of nail polish. This innovative treatment will smooth your strands as seal the cuticle, to ensure long lasting results. For home care, it’s suggested you get TIGI True Lasting Color Shampoo to maintain vibrancy.