Our skin color and our hair color should harmonize with each other.

The beauty of a woman is a symphony of elements that have to fit perfectly. Your hair has the ability to emphasize eyes and complexion.

But.. How do you choose the right color?

Let’s find out together if you are a “Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter”, simply by following this guide.

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Skin Color: porcelain, fair – peached or golden undertone.

Eye Color: from light blue to green, sometimes the iris has golden spots.

Natural Hair Color: blond, red or brown.

Hair Color that matches perfectly: light blond, golden blond, light or medium golden brown, copper, golden copper and strawberry blond.


Skin Color: fair with amber undertone

Eye Color: deep blue, light blue, grey, green, brown with blue/grey/green shades

Natural Hair color: blond or brown

Hair Color that matches perfectly: warm light or medium brown emphasized with chocolate or caramel shades.The balayage technique is perfect to light up the face.


Skin Color: ivory or pink

Eye Color:  golden brown, dark brown, light green, hazel

Natural Hair Color: dark blond, dark brown, red, copper or mahogany

Hair Color that matches perfectly: warm apricot, deep red, copper gold, brown emphasized with copper or golden shades, blond or copper highlights


 Skin Color: fair or olive

Eye Color: dark brown, black

Natural Hair color: dark brown, black, deep green, grey

Hair Colors that match perfectly: black, black emphasized with blue/mahogany or aubergine shades


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