Wedding season is approaching and just as you are preparing to be wed or a part of the bridal party, we are here to catch you up on the latest wedding trends!
In decades past, wedding hairstyles and fashion was dominated accordingly to their specific eras. In recent years there has been a widening trend of vintage flare in modern day weddings. It is more acceptable now than ever, to use a 1930’s finger-wave hair ‘do with a modern strapless A-Line gown. Contrary to traditions past, we are living in an era where brides are free to express their personal style on their special day. We are no longer restricted to a certain fad or trend. And most importantly, brides and their wedding party are given a wide variety of styles and themes to choose from.




When choosing the perfect hairstyle, there are several things to consider: the style of the wedding dress, the weather/location of the wedding, and you. The hairstyle and dress should equally compliment the other, as well as the makeup. Take into careful consideration whether or not the location of the wedding will affect your hair. If you are having an outdoor wedding, be sure to inform your stylist to ensure the correct products are used to fight the weathering elements. If you are having an “active” wedding – lots of dancing and activities – make sure your hair will not lose its style. The most vital thing to remember is that you need to be comfortable with your choice of hairstyle. If you are not used to seeing yourself with your hair all up, compromise to a half-up, half-down hairstyle. If you know hair falling in your face will bother you, make sure your hair is nice and secure. An efficient and convenient way to deciding on how to look is to book a bridal trial at a hair salon. This will allow you to try different looks and get a professional opinion on your hairstyle.


But ultimately, the decision is yours; so ask yourself before choosing your hairstyle, “When I look back on my wedding day photos, will I be happy with the way I look?” If the answer is no, try another hairstyle. If the answer is yes, congratulations to finding your perfect look!

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