As spring slowly approaches you can’t help but to think how great it would be if spring were already here.  Well, you don’t have to wait for spring to wear the new hair trends for Spring 2013. They are low maintenance yet quaffed, simple yet intricate, and fun yet professional. The new hair trends are actually perfect to try with winter accessories: scarves, hats, earmuffs, coats, furs, etc.


The Dramatic Side Part

The center part has dominated 2012 but this year the side part if back and it’s making a dramatic entrance. Side parts are perfect for volume and drama.

The Hidden Braid

To add a little fun to your everyday hairstyle, wear a tiny braid anywhere in your hair. It’s your little secret.

The Ultralow Ponytail

Goodbye tense scalp! It doesn’t matter what hair texture you have, anyone can wear it in an ultralow ponytail. Brush or gather your hair at the base of your neck, then tie. Simple and clean.

The Loose Bun vs. The Low Bun

The topknot was a huge hit in 2012. This year, going with the theme of comfort and ease, the loose bun has made a comeback. Whether you wear it low or high on your head, let the strands fall. But for those who like the perfect bun, try wearing it at the base of your head instead of on top of your head.

The Wispy Bob

Are you looking to grow your short hair long? Do you want to keep your bob but want a change? Are you looking for edge over clean-cut? It is time to try the choppy bob. This haircut can range from slightly wispy to very wispy, depending on whether you want a soft look to an edgier one.

The Short Disconnected Men’s Hairstyle

Think super short on the sides and back and long on top. What makes this haircut so attractive and popular is that its fun, clean and versatile.  Men, wear your hair sleeked back, angled towards the center or messy and textured.

Thin Headbands

Thin headbands are perfect to wear when you’re wearing a messy ponytail or bun to make the overall appearance more appealing.  This spring season you will be seeing more jeweled, sparkly and colored thin headbands

Hair Tip:

A “messy” look is only visually acceptable when it is perfectly executed. In order to make a messy hairstyle presentable, there needs to be some type of balance and structure.  If you feel like your hair is too messy, wear a hair accessory (headband, hairclip). If your hair is too perfect, use hair product to give it some texture and body. Keep in mind that balance makes perfect.