Monday, May 21, TLCommunications hosted an event – with roughly 40 editors in attendance – for the “Yes to”  brand at The Drawing Room New York’s newly renovated and improved space.


This year has already been proven to be a busy and eventful time for The Drawing Room New York.  Not only are our talented team of hairstylists sought after for the latest cutting-edge haircuts and flawless haircolor, our salon space is now a popular sought after event space for 2012.  We find it is important to support our local businesses (i.e. artists, photographers, product companies, gourmets) to form a sense of community amongst the artistic, expressive, and creative minds.  The sleek and spacious loft offers the openness and comfort needed for a gathering, the modern design and color of the mirrors and floors exude a luxurious and innovative atmosphere, and the ceiling-to-wall windows emanate beautiful natural light. For more rental information for your upcoming event, please refer to our contact page.