Spring/Summer is here which means prom season! Prom is a major event for a high school student, a night that is remembered for years to come. Many pictures will be snapped and instagrammed and you have to look your best. To stand out in the crowd and be remembered it’s all about putting the look together. The hair and makeup should be perfectly paired with the dress and accessories to complete the outfit. To help you decide on a look we picked some favorites. Also we are offering 15% off up-dos and $55 for makeup appointments.

Prom classic

Look 1: Classic   This look is timeless and elegant. It combines classic elements with modern pieces and still looks composed. The dress and accessories have a more vintage appeal while the hair and makeup are contemporary. The open back of the dress is highlighted by the simple up-do and made more modern with the braided front. The bold lip and cat eye are on trend makeup looks of the moment and make a statement for this simple look. This look is perfect for the girl wants to be classy and elegant

Prom Chic

Look 2: Chic   A chic style is a stunning look for a bold type that wants to be noticed. The cut of the dress is vampy yet demure. The detail of the mesh neckline adds interest and makes accessorizing simple. We love the smooth side fishtail braid but also could be styled looser. The makeup brings the look together with being bold and natural at the same time. An ideal look for the girl that wants to WOW her fellow classmates.

Prom Bohemian

Look 3: Bohemian   This look is bohemian and natural. The dress shows off the curves of the body and the print makes it feel less classic prom. Choosing one accessory to focus on keeps this look effortless. The smoky eye brings sophistication and the nude lip completes the look. We love the uncomplicated style of the hair, the extreme side part opens the face up and the natural wave adds an undone look. This outfit is excellent for the free bird.

Prom edgy

Look 4: Edgy    The edgy look is anti prom, goes against the grain of a tradition. The dress is short, printed, and colorful; a very cool choice for a very cool girl. The stilettos offer a badass style to the whole ensemble. We love the center parted slicked tight bun that shows off the face and neckline. Some studded accessories and a bold lip would complete this style. This outfit is perfect for the non-conformist.

Prom retro

Look 5: Retro   A retro look is dreamy and romantic. Vintage styles can be reminiscent of any decade and can be literally vintage or vintage inspired. We love the old Hollywood glamour and Grace Kelly-esque style; it is a girly yet so sophisticated. A vintage style can be paired with vintage or modern accessories as well as the hair and the makeup. When it comes to completing the look, choose a reference picture for inspiration. This style is ideal for the retro chic girl.

Prom Trendy

Look 6: Trendy  This look is taken right from the runway. Different elements of this look are on trend at the moment and together are reminiscent of fashion week. The dress is unique and one of a kind. The shoes are an untraditional clog style and the accessories compliment the whole style. The makeup is soft and natural and the hair is natural beach waves. Also, this hairstyle can work with any length of hair and is meant to look undone. This style is perfect for the fashionista.


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