– Editorial Stylist

Alessandro was born in Vigo Cavedine, a small village in the northern region of Italy near the Dolomites Alps and Lake Garda. At the young age of 14, he was struggling to figure out what his career path would be in order to enter school. As cliché as it might sound, Alessandro woke up one morning and he thought of becoming a Hairstylist. He attended the only beauty school in Trento, Italy. Soon after, he realized that this wasn’t just going to be his career path but that this was his calling and school wasn’t enough! Alessandro began to work in various salons in Northern Italy. He explored different Hair Cutting Techniques, Intricate Hair Styling, and was able to study real interaction between different hairdressers and their clients.

After graduating, Alessandro moved to Milan, and worked for 10 years at a Prestigious Hair Salon that gave him the opportunity to work with celebrities and designers. His passion and creativity needed to soar, which lead him to the Fashion Capital of The World… New York City! Alessandro’s need to create masterpieces for men and women lead him to The Drawing Room New York the Best Hair Salon in SoHo.