The Drawing Room New York would like to familiarize our subscribers to the popular looks and trends for the fall/winter season. With the colder months in our near future so come the holidays and holiday parties that is a perfect time to play up your personal style.

A chic and stylish up-do is a great way to amp up your “wow!” factor for these particular times. The two looks we’ve chosen slightly mimic an era of style ranging from the 1940-1960’s. An offset French twist and a side-ponytail with a dose of glamour are variations of looks we are guaranteed to be seeing more of in the next year.


Compliment your fall/winter looks with a lip-color that’s deeper than ever in hues of plum, mulberry or cranberry. Consult with your hairstylist or colorist to choose the best lip shade based on your skin tone and hair color.

The eyes are our focal point in these next two looks. Again, both these looks are emulating a retro era style; only it is applied in a slightly more modern design.

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