Are you like most women, always wishing you had the beautiful hair of Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker or Kim Kardashian? Well, you are not alone. The truth is, their look is a lot more achievable than you think it is. Almost all of these A-listers have a little extra help in the hair department and so can you – with hair extensions! Don’t let the words hair extensions scare you away.  Yes, there may be more unappealing examples of people with hair extensions (i.e. Brittany Spears or Paris Hilton) than good but, that is because good examples of hair extensions go completely undetected – hence the point of having hair extensions.


In order for you to achieve beautiful hair extensions, there are a few important things to consider and research before booking an appointment.  To begin with, ask yourself a few questions: What are the best hair extension applications?  What is your desired look? Are you willing to put in time for maintenance and care for the extensions?

First and foremost: Make sure you are going to a certified hair extension specialist. (There is a lot of training and education that is required for all professional brands of extensions)

Second: Many people prefer going to a stylist who performs a couple of different types of extension applications – fusion, beads or seamless tape extensions. One size does not fit all in the extension world.

Third: After a thorough consultation with your stylist, they will recommend the best application based on your wants/needs, desired look, texture/length/condition of your hair, and budget.

Types of Extensions:

Fusion: An application where individual strands, which are pre-tipped with a Keratin bond, are attached to your hair using a specific cold fusion machine, bonding them with ultrasonic waves.  This is the easiest way to completely customize your length, color and thickness of your hair with a more natural end result. There are several methods of fusion to choose from but Great Lengths cold fusion is the most requested. Great Lengths are by far the “Rolls Royce” of hair extensions and for many years now have been the #1 voted hair extensions in the industry.  With proper home maintenance, the extensions will last 3-5 months.

Beads: Usually applied in individual strands as well, this application most commonly come in the form of aluminum beads, which are not affected by rust or corrosion and are extremely durable.  Bead extensions are sometimes preferred over the fusion method because they are applied with no heat, no glue or adhesives of any kind and you are able to reuse the hair extensions.

Tape or Seamless:  These are perfect for the individual who loves to go from short to long for an evening, a week, or even up to 3 months.  The application consists of applying the extensions with a very thin adhesive strip to several different sections of the head. A full head of seamless extensions can be applied in under an hour!  Another added benefit is that they are also reusable, perfect for the low-maintenance and carefree.


Still not sure what extension type is best for you? Our extension specialist at The Drawing Room New York would be more than happy to assist you in your decision. Please call the salon at 212-226-2600 to schedule your complimentary extension consultation today!