It’s that time again, where you can dress up and be whoever you want to be… Did you decide who that was yet? If so, Halloween is right around the corner and it’s time to get that makeover…

There is a gratifying feeling when someone asks you “My goodness, is that real?” after a good makeup application.

Lets bring your costume to life. Let’s add prosthetics to transform your costume to change your look completely. You can transform yourself into a monkey, give yourself a bigger nose, even give yourself some horns like a demon; It’s time to bring out your inner monster.

Prosthetic MakeupHalloween Makeup

Let’s travel to the future.. Maybe you want to be an old man or woman let’s give you some wrinkles, some age spots maybe even a bald head with little gray hairs maybe a beard or mustache as well. Let’s even set back your eyes and to give a bigger illusion that you’re really old.

Say you’re looking to be something provocative let’s bring out the smokey eyes, the red lip, a little glitter and the right lashes and you’re ready to bring out your inner woman.

Half face halloweenCheetah Makeup

Even if you want to be something pretty like a fairy or scary like a dead zombie lets get ready! From bald caps to fake cuts and bruises to fake beards and mustaches or just the glitz and glam let’s make your Halloween right!

Halloween eye makeupScary doll halloween Makeup

Come to SoHo where the heart of fashion and beauty emerge and differentiate yourself by getting your Halloween makeup done professionally.

Please call in or email by October 29th with your costume details.