The premiere remake of Baz Lurhman’s, The Great Gatsby, has certainly caused a buzz in the fashion and hair industry. The trends of the Roaring 20’s, as displayed by Carey Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio’s characters, are on the rise.


The story behind the emerging trends of the 1920’s is one that speaks of an age where men and especially women experienced liberation of past fashion traditions. With the closing of WW1 and the boom of cinema success society, was ready for change and with that change came bobs, finger waves, headbands, painted lips and casual and fun clothing – meaning, no more corsets!

In the spirit of the flapper days be sure to practice the timeless look of finger waves on your own hair. This look may be left down or pinned up to don a faux bob. To achieve an easy at-home finger wave you’ll need: 1 inch curling iron, clips for pinning away hair when curling, a boar bristle/mason pearson type of flat brush and a shine serum for control and smoothing – we recommend Curlesque Defining Serum by TiGi.
When recreating the look: divide the hair in horizontal sections starting at the nape of the neck. Begin to curl everything from roots to ends in the same direction. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you’ve reached your deep-set parting on the top of the head. After curling take your boar bristle brush to smooth out curl. Use the smoothing serum before and after brushing; mold the waves into place and hairspray. Add a beaded headband or scarf to polish your look.

For more on this look take a look at Fox News Magazine, where we offered a bit more insight. NextGen Gratis Slots Reviews on Vimeo