This season with fall 2014 approaching we will no doubt be sporting a retro 60’s style to the hair, the beautiful bouffant is back! Whether you opt for an up-do or keep your hair down with back combed roots, adding Great Lengths Hair Extensions will give your hair much needed volume and length to complete this glamorous look.

great lengths bouffantGreat lengths bang extensions

Another huge trend we are seeing this summer is a modern take on the classic 60’s crop and pixie hair cut with sweeping side fringes. This is another great example for adding Great Length Hair Extensions to give your hair that extra fullness, texture and length through the front of your hair.

Summer is the perfect time to try a bright new color, from candy colored crops to dip dye and ombré using a burst of beautiful color, Great Lengths is a great way to achieve these looks without permanently changing the color of your hair using our pre-bonded extensions in fashion shades.

Ombre Pink extensions

Not only are women going mad for the trend this summer, so are men. There are men who want an instant effect of fullness or length instead of having to wait for their hair to grow out to achieve the style they are looking for. Once the extensions are in they will last for up to three months, and it’s not obvious that you are wearing them at all. Hair looks, feels and behaves like your natural hair.

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