It’s a bit unusual, but gray hair is the new cult color trend of 2015-2016. We saw it taking the scene back in 2014 and thought perhaps it was just a trend, but the color is here to stay and is only gaining popularity.

Ombre Gray Hair


Silver hair came into style first in mid 17th century. France’s upper crust wore scented, powdered wigs to mask the smell and appearance of bloody scalp sores caused by the syphilis outbreak. More recently and less disgustingly, models and fashionistas sported streaks of gray hair in 2010. We have seen it on the runway at Jean Paul Gaultier, Chanel, and Celine shows. Silver hair has filtered through a host of A-listers from Kylie Jenner to Nicole Richie to Ginnifer Goodwin. #Grannyhair is taking over social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where thousands of millennial’s are posting “silver selfies”.

13th-Century "Gray" hairstyles

Gray hair on the Runways

Kylie Jenner sporting Gray Ombre Hair

Ginnifer Goodwin sporting a Gray Pixie Cut


Many clients are opting for grayish tones, but it is important to find the right shade. The perfect shade and tone of gray depends on the complexion and skin tone. Adding a tinge of blonde, blue, or even violet can help compliment instead of clash against the skin. Ready to go gray? Things to consider:

1. A proper consultation to find the desired tone. We do consultations at our salon in Soho.

2. The process might take time depending on the current color and condition of the hair. To reach that gorgeous gray, hair must be lifted very light for the gray tone to properly saturate the hair.

3. This hue might result in constant touchups. The tone tends to fade out quickly due to washing. It’s important to learn how to care for your new color. Book your next color consultation today by calling us at The Drawing Room NYC #212-226-2600.