The person who said blondes have more fun has obviously never been on the dark side. Tones for these goddesses of the fall/winter season will be deep, full of shine, and beautiful.

Chocolate tones will have more exciting accents of toffee and bronze. Rich and deep elements such as coffee, charcoal, and tobacco are very popular not only on the runway, but also in hair salons. Midnight and ebony hair colors are also on trend, paired with some deep jewel toned ombré, you have the seasons most beautiful combination!

MIla Kunis Brown Jessica Brown hairKerri Washington hair color

We won’t forget about the blondes this Fall/Winter season. Inside every blonde is a blonder blonde! Just because it is fall, doesn’t mean you have to go darken you hair color.  Switching your tone and adding depth can be the perfect accessory to your new fall wardrobe.

Golden blondes can spice it up with some champagne and ivory. Our California platinum will see a bit more violet and smokey ash hues. Our natural beige blondes have more fun with deep tones of sand and suede.

PicCollage.PicCollage-5.Blonde Hair color

Ring the ALARM!!! Red heads are the IT girls of Fall! From Amy Adams to Emma Stone we are seeing a whole new array of multifaceted warm and cool hues.

Strawberry hair tones will be getting more couture with elements of deep coppery accents. Garnet reds are complimented with cool accents of deep maghony, aburgiene and indigo hair color. Cinnamon tones infused with deep honey will complement any skin tone all the season long.



The Drawing Room New York offers complimentary consultations to discuss the perfect hair color change for this fall/winter season.