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The Single Process Hair Color technique is most common haircolor technique in the beauty industry that over the years has evolved.


A single process is a technique that is applied from the root that will coat the hair with a single shade of permanent hair color. Permanent hair color changes the structure of your hair. The tone may change over time, but it is in your hair until it grows out or your hairstylist cuts it. A single process hair color is used for 100% grey hair coverage or to take your hair a few shades darker to add richness. Your hair color also has the ability to go one shade lighter, if you have virgin hair (no color ever).

Results: A permanent all over hair color that our professional hair colorists will create using high-quality hair color by TIGI Copyright Hair Color, their expertise, and your hair goals. Your hair takes on new life with rich and vibrant tones.
Commitment: 4-6 weeks depending on re-growth and percentage of grey hair.
Service time: 1 hr
Great for: Grey hair coverage and an all over base hair color.