LabelM Styling



A gradient color that gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the end. This has also been known as Color Melting or Ombre Highlights


Ombre is similar to Balayage in the sense that the color is hand placed, however Ombre Hair is more technical. Translated from the French ombre, meaning shading or shadowing, it’s an artistry of hair color placement that creates a seamless dark to light from roots to ends. This hair color technique is universally flattering on everyone regardless of your hair type or base shade. Ombre hair color is low maintenance and ideal for clients who are just stepping into the color world. If you’re a person that likes to step outside of the box, you can chose vibrant colors rather then the natural shade range.

Results: A gradient look from dark to light where the color gradually transitions to the lighter hair color from mid-shaft to the ends. A low maintenance hair color that has minimal up-keep.
Commitment: 4-6 months but a hair gloss is suggested in between hair color services.
Service time: 2 hours
Great for: clients trying color for the first time or someone that wants a change without too much maintenance.