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While the highlighting process has evolved over time, today it still remains one of the most popular hair salon services requested.
There are many different types of highlights to create the vision you want:

Classic highlights

This technique gives a dimension to your natural color. Classic highlight application usually gives a more intense highlight and wider contrast. This technique is done with foil to isolate small or large sections of hair so strands are covered. The size, placement, and tone of the highlights can be planned out precisely when it comes to deciding the hair look you are going for.


Meet the Babylights – the best new haircolor trend in NYC. Babylights is a delicate highlight application that softens the roots of solid-colored hair. Babylights are very fine, subtle highlights that look like the natural hair color of small children, where the color is brighter at the crown and the bottom of the hair. Babylights are very low-maintenance and look great on any type of hair. This highlights technique can really brighten up your face by adding depth and dimension, especially if placed around the face, and it’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants some noticeable highlights but nothing as dramatic as Balayage.


If highlights are lighter pieces than the rest of the head, then lowlights are strands that are a shade or two darker than your base color, contrasting with the rest of your hair.
Lowlights create the same sense of depth, appearing like the shadowy under layer of your impossibly thick hair. Another reason to get lowlights is they can make your new hair color more wearable. If your concern that platinum blonde hair color will make your face appear pale, lowlights can create a less dramatic look. People with all hair types can have lowlights, whether that’s curly or straight.


Foil-ayage is a new technique originated in NYC. It is combination of well-known balayage highlights with the benefits of foil processing. Our color specialists highly recommend foil-ayage for use on darker hair colors. Basically, it means that balayage hand-painting technique is applied and isolated in foils to get more lift out of the ends, that wouldn’t be possible with traditional foils or classic balayage technique. This gives your hair a more natural look and less obvious when your natural color grows out.

Results: applied throughout the hair, highlights are a great way to brighten your natural base or create depth. Choose from a variety of colors and appearances, from bold to natural.
Commitment: 2-3 months
Service time: 1 hour 20mins +
Great for: Creating depth and blending white hair