Beautiful young woman. Gorgeous blonde hair.


A gloss has many different terms, some common words are glaze, toner and semi-permanent hair color.


A gloss can be clear to just add shine or have some pigment to compliment the tone of the hair color. It can be universally used on all hair types and is Ammonia-free. When hair is lifted using bleach, it is removing pigment from your hair and exposing the underlying pigment. A gloss/glaze chosen by our expert hair colorists in SoHo will tone and create the perfect blonde shade. This can be used for all blonde hair colors and hair highlights. A glaze can be used between services to keep your blonde perfect all year round. A glaze/gloss can also be used to create richness and depth to brunette, red, and copper hair. As you may know, factors like the environment, salt-water, heat styling and chlorine can leave your hair dull. A gloss in between appointments will leave your hair shiny.

Results: A low commitment Ammonia-free hair color for all hair shades that moisturizes the hair and adds pigments. A glaze can also blend your greys away but not provide full coverage. The color washes out instead of growing out, leaving no demarcation lines.
Commitment: depends on how often you shampoo
Service time: 15 min
Great for: blonde, brunette, or fiery red heads that are looking to freshen their hair color.