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“The hottest salon in Soho and, quite possibly, the hottest salon in all of New York City.”

Beauty is a delicate thing…a certain amount of confidence, luxury and occasionally some serious self-indulgence all come together to create The Drawing Room, a fabulous minimalistic SoHo salon with a passion for great hair and a welcoming attitude.

This is not just about a haircut. They think of hair here as a form of expression and style…each strand is a canvas to these artists. Clyde Elezi, the owner and founder of the salon moved from Athens to NYC in search of his dreams nearly a decade ago. He chose the name ‘The Drawing Room” based on his inviting nature, making it a place to gather. The idea and décor is inspired by an NYC loft—you should feel at home here. With a cappuccino machine and/or chilled glass of wine waiting for you upon arrival, it’s hard not to just sit yourself in their Chanel view corner chair (which can be reserved in advance) and never leave.

— 10/12/2012

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