Project Description



(just an excerpt)

The proverbial way-to–early, pre-holiday phone call from your relative that goes something like this: “Ok, so we’re coming to the city the end of the next month. What are we going to do?”

You’re thinking, “Next month? I don’t know what I’m doing this afternoon.”

But it;s unavoidable. When family or any out-of-town friends come to the city, they want to know the plan. And you’ve done the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and walked through Central Park more times than you care to remember. So where to this time? SoHo, of course. And besides shopping for the absolute best in fashion, what else will you do? Get a hip new hair do, of course.

Between West broadway and Wooster sits The Drawing Room, a salon that could not have asked for better neighbors and whose owners share the same kind of affection for their craft that the creative types in the hood have made famous. It’s here where you’ll want to make that mid-day stop for a new hair style – and you can tell those relatives now that the Drawing Room is on the agenda (you’ll figure the rest out later).

In 2004, the Drawing Room’s owner Clyde Elezi, moved stateside and soon began seeing clients at the renowned Cutler/Redken salon. his training was mostly at the likes of Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. Having grown up in Greece, he was inspired by architecture and the classically beautifully woman. When he opened the Drawing Room this past April, his clients followed him. Apparently they liked being classic beauties too – and who can blame them?…

— 2010