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Which stylist should our reader ask for if they want pastel, multi-colored or rainbow hair? How much experience is under their belt?

Natalie, is our Senior Colorist at The Drawing Room and does amazing work. She is specifically known for her creative work, producing unique color tones, such as pastels, silvers, vivids and neons for clients. Natalie has been in the hair industry for eight years, starting in London. She trained at the TIGI Academy, working her way up to Technical Director of Color Education. June 2014 Natalie moved to New York City and began working as Senior Colorist at The Drawing Room New York.

Can you describe the salon’s aesthetic? What makes this establishment unique?

The Drawing Room New York is a private modern loft space hair salon that offers comfortable VIP treatment. Awarded the best salon in Soho and located on the second floor of Spring Street overlooking the bustling streets below. The highlight of the salon experience is the shampoo, which includes a long relaxing head massage. We offer neck rests and lavender scented eye masks to make the experience even more enjoyable. For most of our clients it is their favorite part of the hair service.

Are there any special perks or offerings for customers?

At The Drawing Room New York we offer a variety of beverages for our guests. Water, flat or sparkling is served with a lemon wedge. Coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and a variety of teas from Harney and Sons are available and served with a square of milk chocolate. For wine drinkers we have white or red. Also we offer ice tea, lemonade, and diet coke. All of our beverages are served in glassware to add to the homey comfortable experience. Another perk is our client rewards program. Using a point system the more you spend or book online or refer new clients, the more you get, discounts off future products or services.

— 4/22/15

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