Man with short cropped hair with highlights


Are you looking for that California beach boy look to last you all year round? Men’s Highlights is what you need. We have a few techniques in order to give each client a Custom Men’s Highlight.

Men’s Classic Highlights:

This technique for men is to give dimension to your natural color. Men’s Classic Highlights application usually gives more intense highlight and wider contrast to your shade. This application is done with foil to isolate small or large sections of hair so strands are covered. The size, placement, and tone of the highlights can be planned out precisely when it comes to deciding the hair look you are going for.

Shoeshine Hair Highlights:

Men’s Highlights have progressed over the years in order to keep up with the demands of men’s colored hair. The name comes from the effect seen on shined shoes where the true color of the dark leather is only revealed in the reflected light. The Drawing Room Salon in SoHo uses a foil to buff the color onto the tips. We’ve mastered this technique that will give the tips of your hair a “shined” effect. This is a very low maintenance style for the busy NYC man because only the ends of the hair will be touched so there is no re-growth maintenance.